What Is a Fuel Injector Flush?

by Amy Rodriguez
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Fuel injectors provide the push of the gasoline into the engine's combustion area by way of spraying it inside. A fuel injector flush is a means of cleaning the injectors themselves for proper operation.


The engine is the heart of a vehicle; and by flushing or cleaning the fuel injectors, it maintains the efficiency of the injectors so that the engine can function at peak levels.


Cleaning normally includes a flow test, measuring the output and range of each fuel injector's spray body; a full cleaning, with specific liquid solutions cleansing both the outside and inside of each injector; and a final flow test to verify correct output.


Maintaining proper fuel injector performance helps save gas by having efficient fuel spraying within the engine. Additionally, keeping the injectors clean helps keep the entire engine clean by verifying that foreign matter is not floating about the compartment. Any foreign matter inside the engine can damage it substantially.

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