Motorcraft Carburetor Identification

by Paul Cartmell

Motorcraft carburetors were used in engines manufactured by Ford from 1972 to the late 1980s. Prior to 1972, Motorcraft carburetors were manufactured under the Autolite brand name.


An automobile carburetor is responsible for regulating the mixture of air and gasoline used to create a combustible mixture in an engine. Motorcraft carburetors were manufactured in three basic types, which were single barrel, two barrel and four barrel.


Identification tags were not stamped onto Motorcraft or Autolite carburetors prior to 1965 model year Ford engines. In 1967, Ford carburetors began to meet new emissions standards with the introduction of the 4300 carburetor; vehicles manufactured after 1974 were equipped with the Motorcraft 4350 carburetor.


Identifying a Motorcraft or Autolite carburetor can be done by identifying the throttle bore size. Each carburetor has the bore size cast into the carburetor as a diameter size measured in inches.

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