Small Block Chevy 327 Identification

by Rob WagnerUpdated July 26, 2023
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The 327 Chevy engine is stamped on a machined pad on the front passenger side cylinder head usually behind the alternator.

The Code

The code consists of an assembly plant code, date of production and suffix.

Decoding the 327 Code

First letters of "F," "S," "K" or "T" denotes Flint, St. Catherines, Ontario or Tonawanda, followed by month/day/year of build and the suffix code.

327 Suffix Code

Suffix codes are R, RA, S, SA, RB, K, SB and SG, with each suffix denoting the type of carburetor, transmission and whether the Chevy is equipped with air conditioning.

327 Casting Numbers

Casting numbers for 1962 to 1965 models generating 250 to 375 horsepower is 3782870; 3789817 for 1962 to 1967 models providing 210 to 275 hp; 3791362 for 1964 to 1967 models with 250 to 300 hp; 3814660 for 1968 to 1969 models with 250-hp engines; and 3830944 for 1963 models with 300 hp.

VIN Code

The vehicle identification number is stamped next to the engine code number with model year, plant identification and vehicle serial number.

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