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Freightliner FL-70 Specs

by David Ferris

Freightliner, a subsidiary of the international auto company Daimler Benz, has been building trucks since the mid-1900s. One of its many vehicles is the Freightliner FL-70. This heavy-duty truck comes equipped with a 430 HP engine, an automatic transmission, air brakes and a 75-gallon fuel tank.

Engine Specifications

The truck is powered by a CAT C-12 430 HP engine and gets 1,650 pound-feet of torque. The engine heater is a Phillips 1,000-watt/115-volt, and an electronic shutdown system helps protect the engine.

Transmission Specifications

The truck operates on an Allison MD-3060P six-speed automatic transmission and is equipped with magnetic engine drain, trans-rear axle fill and drain plugs, and a frame-mounted transmission oil cooler.

Brake System Specifications

A vehicle of this size and power needs a reliable braking system to slow it down. The FR-70 uses air brakes and has an Wabco 4S/4M anti-lock braking system. The air brake lines along the chassis are composed of nylon, and the air dryer is a Bendix AD-9. The air reservoirs are steel-made and operate with pull cables. The front axle uses Meritor Cam 15X4 Q-Plus cast iron drum brakes, and the rear uses Meritor Cam 16.5X7 Q-Plus cast iron drums.

Suspension Specifications

The front axle of the FL-70 is a Meritor FD-965 with Meritor slack adjusters. The front axle uses 11,000-lb. taper leaf shocks. The power steering system is a TRW TAS55 equipped with a 2-qt. fluid reservoir. The FL-70's rear shocks are manufactured by Airliner (21,000-lb.)

Tires, Hubs and Wheels

The FL-70's tires are Michelin PXZE 275/80R radials and are equipped with gunite iron hubs in the front. The rear tires are Michelin XZE 275/80R radials, and the hubs are composed on gunite iron as well. The wheel nuts are Metform 39702 3 mm/1.30-inch H-P.

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