Ford Taurus Starting Problems

by AndreaF

There are many troubleshooting options available if your Ford Taurus refuses to crank or start. Troubleshooting your own vehicle gives you the opportunity to avoid mechanic fees and can be done in the comfort of your own driveway. Always be cautious of your own safety and use all necessary precautions when troubleshooting your car.


Often a significant problem can be solved by simply checking for a weak or dead battery. Use a multimeter in DC volt mode on the most sensitive setting. Amps 1 to 2 will signify a drain. Isolate the drain by connecting an amp clamp to the negative battery cable. Remove every fuse until you have isolated the drain. Check for bad grounds and make sure the terminal is not corroded. A starter that makes grinding noises and only works sometimes may indicate a fractured armature shaft. Make sure you have enough fuel in the car. It is common to misdiagnose car problems because of a faulty fuel meter. A meter might be broken as a result of a stuck level floater in the tank. Even though there is no gas in the car, the meter will read full and you may have run out as a result. If your key won't turn in the ignition it may be a result of locked steering. This happens when one of the front wheels is turned to the side or pushing up against something. Gently wiggle the key in the ignition while steering from left to right. If that doesn't work it may indicate the lock and key mechanism has worn out. If the check engine light won't come on when you try to start, the engine computer may be broken. There may be a problem with a faulty relay, burned fuse, broken wire, or even a problem with the computer itself. Another possibility is short circuited ignition parts due to water in the engine. You may have driven through a deep puddle or even got an engine shampoo. This can happen if your car is not regularly tuned. A household blow dryer can remedy this sometimes. Otherwise you may have to get your car towed to a mechanic. If the starter actually cranks fine, but the engine still won't work, there are a variety of things that could be broken. The vehicle security system could be experiencing problems, broken timing belt, or ignition and fuel delivery system. It is important to properly diagnose how your car is running to better help your mechanic find the problem quicker.

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