Ford Escape Wiper Motor Removal

by Nathaniel Miller
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The Ford Escape is an efficient and gas-saving sport utility vehicle. Like any modern car, the Escape utilizes an in-dash motor to turn its windshield wipers. Over time this motor can wear out, necessitating a replacement. Having a new motor installed at a repair shop can be quite expensive, so many home mechanics choose to replace the motor themselves. The first step of the replacement process is removal.

Remove the Wipers

Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the windshield wipers to their mounts at the base of each wiper. Slide the wipers off of their pivots and then use a screwdriver to remove the mounting bolts surrounding the plastic shroud that covers the top of the firewall below the windshield wipers. Slide the plastic shroud off of the top of the engine compartment and lay it aside.

Disconnect Wiper Motor

Reach inside the engine compartment below the driver’s side dash and locate the large, black cylinder that is the wiper motor. Use a socket wrench to locate and remove the three bolts mounting the motor to the inside of the firewall. Make sure to use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the windshield linkage as well. Place the bolts in a magnetic tray or in a safe location for later use.

Remove the Motor

Disconnect the electrical connection on the back of the motor by hand and then slide the motor connector out of the linkage. Maneuver the motor to a position appropriate to slide the motor out of the engine compartment. Inspect the motor for wear and tear and make sure to compare it to the motor that you have purchased or take the old motor into a repair shop so they can order the appropriate one for your Escape.

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