Ford Windstar AC Orifice Tube Location

by Richard Ristow

A Ford Windstar's air conditioning orifice tube is also know as an expansion tube. The component contains a filter and it screens out particles, such as dirt, grit and metal shavings, in the air from within high-pressure line. The orifice tube should be removed and replaced after all refrigerant has been discharged from the air conditioning system. The tube is located in the Windstar's engine compartment.

Release the Windstar's hood latch. Open and secure the hood.

Look toward the center of the engine compartment and locate two sets of aluminum pipes. The larger of the two pipes is the low-pressure line. The thinner is the high-pressure line.

Follow the high-pressure line to the evaporator. At the end the line is the orifice tube.


  • check Removing the orifice tube, as well as other components in the general area, requires a special set of tools. Consult a vehicle-specific manual for further information.

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