Ford 445 Specifications

by Chelsea Oliver
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Ford has been producing vehicles for more than 100 years and manufactures a wide variety of cars, trucks, crossovers, sport utility and commercial vehicles. Ford also had a firm, Fordson, that was established in the early 1900s and manufactured tractors. The company was eventually sold and as of 2001 the Ford name stopped being used on tractors. The 445 is an industrial tractor produced in 1983.


The Ford 445 has a three-cylinder, diesel engine with natural aspiration. It has a displacement of three liters, a gross of 52 horsepower and 10.4 liters of coolant. It has a torque of 138 foot-pounds, 12 starter volts and an oil capacity of 6.6 liters.


The Ford 445 has several transmission options. The first is manual-reversing, with six forward gears, four reverse gears and an oil capacity of 12 liters. The next is a manual shift transmission with eight forward and two reverse gears and an identical oil capacity. The last is a torque converter transmission with four forward and reverse gears and an increased oil capacity of 18 liters.


The weight of the Ford 445 varies and is 11,036 lbs. for a loader tractor and 12,700 lbs. for a loader backhoe. It has a wheelbase of 81 inches and a loader tractor length of 190 inches, with a loader backhoe length of 269 inches. The height of the hood reaches 55.4 inches and the height of the backhoe transport is 12 to 14 feet. This model has a ground clearance of 13 inches, a front tread of 55.1 inches and a rear tread of 61 inches. It has a turn radius of 10.9 feet.


With the Ford 4-bar linkage attachment, the 445 has a dump clearance of 116.5 inches, dump reach of 24 inches and dump angle of 42. The breakout, or lift, force reaches 6,800 lbs. The bucket capacity is .5 cubic yards while the bucket width is 80.5 inches and the bucket dump time is 1.5 seconds. With the Ford direct linkage attachment, the 455 has a dump clearance of 102 inches, dump reach of 27 inches and dump angle of 40. The breakout force is 6,000 lbs. The bucket capacity of this attachment is the same as the 4-bar linkage while the bucket width is 82.5 inches and the dump time is nearly doubled at 2.3 seconds.

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