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Built by Ford between 1947 and 1952, the 8N is a farming and agricultural tractor. Ford produced 524,000 8Ns with an original price of $1,404 in 1952. Built in Ford's Highland Park, Michigan factory, the 8N was surpassed by the Ford NAA. The 8N's technical specifications will show you the tractor's original features and characteristics.

Engine and Performance

Most Ford 8Ns used a gasoline engine, though the 8NAN version uses distillate fuel. The 8N features a four-cylinder, eight-valve engine with 120 cubic inches (ci) of displacement. The engine features 3.188 inches of bore and 3.75 inches of stroke with a 6-to-1 or 6.7-to-1 compression ratio, depending on the year. The 8N features a 23.22 belt horsepower with a 27.32 maximum. The tractor has 92 ft-lbs of torque, reached at 1,500 rpm.

Physical Specifications

The Ford 8N has an operational weight of 2,717 pounds and a ballasted weight of 4,043 pounds. With a 70-inch wheelbase, the 8N features an 8-foot, two-wheel-drive turn radius. The 8N has 13 inches of ground clearance while standing a total of 70 inches high, 64.75 inches wide and 115 inches long. The tractor's exterior features a two-tone paint job with a red body and a sheet-metal gray hood and fenders.

Other Specifications

The 8N features one of two transmissions. The first is a constant mesh transmission with four forward gears and one reverse gear. The other, a Sherman Combination Transmission, has 12 forward and three reverse gears. The Ford 8N utilizes manual drum brakes and has a 10 gallon fuel tank. The tractor features a type 1 rear three-point hitch with a maximum lift of 800 lbs. The internally mounted hydraulic system features four pistons and a maximum pressure of 1,500 psi.

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