How to Flush Bad Gas From Cars

by Editorial Team

Draining a gas tank can be dangerous, wasteful, and messy. There's a much easier alternative remedy for dealing with bad gas. Burn it out as you drive. Putting the proper additive or additives into your fuel tank may be all you need to burn the bad gas out.

Step 1

Add a can of octane boost to your gas tank. The problem here is some claim to be octane boost, in a can, appears to do absolutely nothing. If you've been referred to one that does work from a friend get it. One, that does work, is O'Reilly brand octane boost which can be purchased at an O'Reilly's Auto Parts Store. Add about 6 or 7 ounces per 10 gallons of gas.

Step 2

An alternative remedy: Go to a store that sells paint and get a can of Xylol Xylene paint thinner. Xylene does work. Add up to 3 ounces of Xylene per 10 gallons of gasoline. Guessing close is okay. (Too much Xylene per gallon might shorten the life of you motor and cause it to burn or leak oil). Take your vehicle for a test drive. You may see immediate results.

Step 3

You should notice better engine performance within the first 5 miles of driving.

Step 4

An alternative way of making your bad gas good enough to burn properly would be to fill your tank up with a higher octane gas. You may need to fuel up 2 or 3 times with high octane gas using this method of dilution, before the mission is totally accomplished.

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