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How Do I Jump-Start a Car With a Gas Generator?

by Michael Bevilacqua

A jump-start, or boost, uses an external power source to revive the dead battery in a vehicle that will not start. A gas-powered generator can indirectly jump-start a car, as the electricity it produces can power a battery charger, but some chargers also facilitate a direct jump-start.

Direct Jump

If the gas generator comes with an electric-start option -- a built-in battery starts the generator when you turn a key or press a button -- its battery can directly jump-start a car. This external battery connects directly to the dead battery via jumper cables, just like when getting a boost from another vehicle.

Powering the Charger

If you can't do an instant jump-start with the car battery charger, the 110-volt outlet on a gas generator can power the charger. The time required to obtain a full charge on a 12-volt car battery varies from one to eight hours, depending on the type of charger and the availability of manual settings.


Generators and battery chargers use electricity, and pose a risk of shock. To prevent injury, use manufacturer-recommended battery connection and jump-start methods.

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