Ford Ranger Troubleshooting Information

by Sincerity Anna
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If your Ford Ranger is acting up, spitting and sputtering, not wanting to stay running or stalling out, then it may be due to the gas you have put in it. Ford Rangers are prone to this.

The Problem

Many times, especially in the winter, water somehow gets into the gas at the gas stations. Ford Ranger gas caps often let in water too. When water mixes into the gas, Ford Rangers do not run well.

The Signs

There are several things a Ford Ranger will do if there is water in the gas. It will not start right. You may have to crank it over several times and then it still may not want to run. When you do get it running it will act like it is not getting gas; it may hesitate or stall.

The Solution

Go into the gas station where you bought the gas and inquire if they may have water in their gas tanks. Get two or three bottles of dry gas. Pour the dry gas into your gas tank and try to start your truck. Let it run, and as the dry gas mixes into the gas in your tank your Ford Ranger should start running right again.

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