Symptoms of Water in a Gas Line

by Alexis Writing
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The gas line, or fuel line, in the car is an important component of the fuel system. The fuel line is the pipe through which fuel flows from the gas tank to the fuel pump, fuel filter, carburetor, fuel injectors and finally the engine. If there is water in the fuel, it can get into the fuel line and cause problems for the vehicle.


If the car jerks at start up, this is one of the first signs of water in the fuel line. The car will have difficulty in starting because it is running on diluted fuel. When there's water in the fuel, the engine does not have enough energy to start the vehicle easily, and its power delivery is compromised. As a result, the engine may sporadically run and jerk, both at start up and on the road.


Since water is heavier than gasoline, when it gets into the tank, it will settle at the bottom. This will cause the tank to supply water to the engine first rather than fuel. As a result, this can slowly cause rust on the pipes, injectors or hoses because water flows through these parts and oxidizes them.

Poor Gas Mileage

If the vehicle begins consuming more fuel than normal, this is another symptom of water in the gas line. Poor gas mileage occurs because the fuel is not of the expected quality, so the vehicle's mileage drops.

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