FJ OEM Roof Rack Install Instructions

by C.L. Rease

An FJ OEM roof rack is designed to ease the installation process by matching its mounting points to hardware placed on the vehicle during assembly. This allows you to forgo a trip to a dealership or other automotive specialty retailer, saving you money on the labor involved to install the accessory on your Toyota FJ. With the perfect match between the accessory and the vehicle, you need no specialized tools or skills to the rack of the roof of your Toyota FJ.

Park the Toyota FJ on a level surface. Set a stepladder next to the driver's side rear tire.

Locate the roof rail cover plates -- marked with two arrows -- on the plastic rail protector closest to you. Push down and in the direction of the arrows to remove the cover. Slide the end of a flat head screwdriver under the cover if you cannot remove it readily from the rail protector. Repeat the process to remove the six cover plates from both rail protectors.

Turn the 10 mm bolts counterclockwise with a socket attached to a 3/8-inch ratchet handle and remove them. Set the bolts aside.

Remove the protective backing from the included mastic washers. Slide one washer on the bottom of each roof rack mounting post with the exposed adhesive facing the roof rack mounting bracket. Set the roof rack on the roof of the vehicle with each mounting bracket aligned with an opening left when you removed the cover plates.

Hand thread one included M8 screw into each hole in the mounting plates. Insert a T40 Torx adapter tip in a screw gun. Tighten each screw with the screw gun. Ensure all M8 screws are tight before driving the FJ.

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