How to Fix the Trunk of a Toyota Camry

by Alibaster Smith

Depending on the year of your Camry, you may or may not have trunk problems. The typical problem with the Camry trunks is rattling due to poorly aligned seals or seal failure in the trunk seals. This, in turn, causes the trunk lid to vibrate against the top of the rear quarter panels that form the sides of the trunk. If you want to fix the trunk, you'll likely also need to reseal the trunk.

Open the trunk and inspect the trunk seals. Check for any damage or wear.

Clean the rain gutters on the trunk. The gutters help to direct water away from the seals on the rear windshield, but leaves and other debris often get lodged in the gutters and clog them. Rinse these areas out with soap and water, and manually remove any debris.

Apply a bead of urethane sealant to the underside of the trunk lid. To improve contact with the seals on the base of the trunk, apply urethane to the trunk lid itself. This way, when the trunk closes, there will be less of a gap--or no gap--between the frame and the trunk lid. This method will also ensure a tight fit without blocking the gutters.

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