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How to Fix Power Seats in a Pontiac Grand Prix

by Contributor

Some drivers of the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix notice that they have wear on the seat back of their power seats. Unexplained tears can show up and degrade the appearance of the car or make driving uncomfortable. The problem can be traced back to the power seat's frame wiring.

Step 1

Position the seat so that it can't go forward any further.

Step 2

Take the J-hook off of the seat back cover's bottom. Remove the head restraint and the retainers.

Step 3

Flip up half of the cover. Locate the seat back pad. Unhook the hook and loop retainers found on it.

Step 4

Remove the entire seat back cover. Simply pull the seat cover up in a quick and clean motion over the pad. Make sure you are only removing the seat back cover and not the foam pad. Expose the seat frame back foam pad and remove it from the seat frame. If necessary, unplug wiring for your heated seats before you do this.

Step 5

Install a new side bolster pad into the seat frame and a new seat back foam pad. Immediately after doing this, reinstall any heated seat wiring you may have disconnected in the previous step.

Put on the new seat back cover, flip the cover about a third of the way down and reinstall the head restraint retainers and head restraint before pulling the cover all the way down. Put the J-Hook back on the seat back cover's bottom.

Items you will need

  • Side bolster pad
  • Seat back foam pad
  • Seat back cover

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