How to Fix a Honda CD Player That Won't Eject a Disc

by Marshal M. Rosenthal
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A CD disc can become stuck inside of a front-loading optical disc player, regardless of whether the player is in a home theater system or in a car. You can remove a stuck CD from the player inside a Honda by pulling it out of the slot manually. You will need to construct a tool from a 3-1/2-inch floppy disc, which can be purchased at a computer store, if one is not available in the home. Neither the car nor the Honda's CD player will be harmed in any way.

Step 1

Place the floppy disk on a table with the metal shutter facing up. Insert the tip of a flat-edged screwdriver beneath the shutter on the left side. Lift up on the tip to raise the shutter from the floppy's plastic case. Remove the screwdriver.

Step 2

Grip an edge of the shutter. Break the shutter off the floppy's case. Dispose of the floppy in the trash.

Step 3

Bend both ends of the shutter up slightly with your fingers.

Step 4

Start the car. Hold the shutter with the bent ends pointing down in one hand. Insert one end of the shutter into the front-loading slot of the Honda's CD player as far as you can.

Step 5

Press and hold in the "Eject" button on the player's control panel with your free hand. Push down on the shutter to catch an edge of the stuck CD's center hole.

Step 6

Pull the shutter out of the front-loading slot. Stop pulling the shutter when an edge of the CD can be seen. Grip the edge of the CD and pull it out of the front-loading slot. Release the "Eject" button. Turn the car off.

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