How to Fix a Disabled BMW Radio

by MickeyV

If a BMW radio is disabled, it is important to take the correct steps to fix it or the radio will not function properly. If a vehicle is stolen or if the battery dies and/or is replaced, the radio on the vehicle will reset and become disabled. This safety function is in place to deter potential criminals from stealing the vehicle and is meant as a safety mechanism for the owner.

Step 1

Locate the vehicle's personalized radio code in the car's manual. The radio code is usually located on a small white sticker on either the front or back cover of the owner's manual.

Step 2

Place the key into the ignition and turn the vehicle on. Turn on the power button for the radio.

Use the station preset buttons to enter the radio code into the system and press and hold the "Volume" button to complete the code. If entered correctly, the radio will become enabled and ready to use normally.

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