How to Fit Mirror Glass in a Ford Fiesta

by Brenda Priddy

Replacing the mirror glass in a Ford Fiesta is a simple process. Any mirror glass in the Ford Fiesta can be replaced using these instructions, whether the glass is on the side mirrors or the rearview mirror. It is important to order the correct replacement glass. Each Fiesta model has a slightly different shape of mirror glass. It is also important to make sure you order the correct glass panel, whether it is the rearview, driver's-side or passenger's-side mirror. This project should take less than one hour to complete.

Remove the clips holding the mirror glass inside the mirror housing. Remove the old glass from the frame by prying the edge of the mirror glass up with a flathead screwdriver. Discard the broken mirror pieces.

Heat the remaining adhesive with a heat gun for about one minute. Scrape the surface of the mirror housing with the putty knife to remove any adhesive still stuck to the mirror frame.

Spray any remaining adhesive with adhesive remover and allow the remover to sit on the adhesive for about 10 minutes. Wipe any remaining adhesive residue away with work rags. Rinse the adhesive remover residue with a damp rag to remove all traces of the remover.

Squirt five globs of glue onto the corners and middle of the new mirror glass. Keep the glue about 1/4 inch away from the edges of the glass to prevent the glue from oozing out around the edges of the mirror.

Press the mirror into the mirror housing. Make sure the mirror is aligned properly with the frame before pressing into place.

Wipe any glue that oozes out from the sides of the glass away with a damp rag.

Hold the glass in place against the mirror for one minute. Replace the mirror clips around the mirror frame.

Tape the mirror into place with electrical tape. Leave the tape over the mirror for about 24 hours, to allow the glue enough time to thoroughly cure and set. If you remove the tape too soon, the mirror might fall out of the mirror housing and shatter.

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