How to Fill Car Tires With Nitrogen

by Susan Reynolds

Using nitrogen in your car tires, instead of regular air, allows your tires to stay inflated for longer periods of time. Nitrogen is more expensive than the standard air used to fill tires. But nitrogen in tires enables you to have a better fuel economy and keeps your tires cooler.The only difficulty may be finding a location where you can refill your tires with nitrogen.

Look for the tire valve. Some tires have two valves: one for air and one for nitrogen. Look through your car's manual to find out where to fill the nitrogen.

Unscrew the valve stem cap with your fingers. Keep it in a safe place.

Hold a tire pressure gauge over the open valve to test the current pressure. Remove the tire gauge after a few seconds and look at the reading. Compare the numbers to the recommended tire pressure in your manual.

Power on your air compressor and check the valve to be sure it will fit.

Fit the mouth of the nitrogen air compressor over the open tire valve and press down carefully to force nitrogen into the tire. Keep holding the compressor on the valve for 15 seconds.

Place the tire gauge on the valve to see if the tire is now filled to capacity. If not, continue adding nitrogen in 15-second intervals. If the tire is satisfactorily filled, replace the valve cap and turn off the air compressor.


  • close If you want to purge the tire of all air before you refill with nitrogen, it is best to have a mechanic do this procedure.

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