How to Reset a Hyundai Tire Pressure Monitor

by David Clair
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Some Hyundai vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitor that is connected to the on-board computer for the purpose of tracking changes in air pressure in the tires. When the monitor determines that one or more of the tires is under-inflated, a warning light illuminates while driving. The low-pressure situation must be corrected before the tire pressure monitor can reset.

Step 1

Park the Hyundai on a level surface.

Step 2

Remove the valve cap of the tire that was indicated as being low on air.

Step 3

Press the end of the pressure gauge into the nozzle to measure the current air pressure.

Step 4

Press the end of the compressed air hose into the valve for a few seconds to add air to the tire. Check the pressure again with the gauge. Repeat this process until the gauge shows the appropriate reading.

Step 5

Replace the cap on the valve.

Step 6

Drive the car for a few minutes to give the sensors a chance to reset and measure the new pressure reading. The light goes off after the system resets.

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