How to File for a Lost Title in Texas

by Tom Streissguth

If you've misplaced your vehicle title and need it replaced, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has a procedure for you to follow and some forms to fill out. You can get it done by mail or in person, and the forms are available online for printing out. The process also requires a minimal fee.

Download the Required Application

Your first step in replacing a lost or stolen Texas car title is to complete Form VTR-34, also known as Application for a Certified Copy of Certificate of Title. The form is available for download at the Texas DMV website. You must be the owner, the lien holder if a loan on the car is still outstanding, or the owner's agent to apply for a replacement. If your loan has been paid off, you must also file a release of that lien by the lender.

Complete the Application

Information you will need to provide on the application includes the year, make and model of the vehicle, license plate number, vehicle identification number and the number on the original title if you have it. The DMV also requires a copy of your government-issued ID. Next, sign the form at the bottom on the appropriate line. As of 2015, you will need to include a personal check, cashier's check or money order for $2 if you're applying by mail. The walk-in fee is $5.45.

Walking In the Application

Mail the form and the required attachments to: TxDMV, 1601-A Southwest Parkway, Wichita Falls, TX 76302. If you would prefer to apply for a replacement title in person, you'll need to visit one of the state's 16 regional service centers. In major cities these service centers might be located outside the city limits. In the Dallas area, for example, the service center is in Carrollton.

Lien Holders and Representatives

If there's still a loan on your vehicle, the lien holder should still have the original certificate of title and must file the application for replacement of title. In this case, the lien holder, or lien holder's agent, submits the photo ID as if he were the owner of the vehicle. If you use a representative to file the in-person application, that agent will need to bring your photo ID as well their own. If your paperwork is in order, the DMV promises to return the replacement title in 10 days or less.

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