How to Drive a Car in Reverse

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Driving a car in reverse is just as important as driving it forward. People sometimes get in accidents when driving in reverse because they are not paying enough attention. They can also sometimes get confused when turning the car.

Look behind and under your car before getting in it if you will be driving in reverse. Many accidents involve children and pets simply because the driver didn't know they were there.

Enter your car, fasten the seat belt and start the engine. Press the brake pedal down and put the car into reverse, keeping your foot on the brake. Place your right hand on the passenger seat headrest and turn your body so that you can see out of the rear window, while keeping your left hand on the top of the steering wheel.

Lift your foot off the brake pedal a little bit at a time to let the car move in reverse slowly. Look for people, animals and other cars while you are doing this. Also, pay attention to the sides of your car and make sure you don't hit anything with your side mirrors.

Turn the wheel to keep the car straight if it begins to turn when you don't want it to, or to turn the car when you need to. To turn the back of your car to the left, move the top of your steering wheel to the right. To turn the back of your car to the right, move the top of your steering wheel to the left.

When you are finished moving your car in reverse, stop the car before moving your body to look out of the windshield. Never let your car move in reverse without also looking behind the car.

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