How to Drill a Car Trunk Lock

by Robert Good

Drilling the lock on your vehicle's trunk is one way to open it, but not the best way. If you do this, the trunk will open once you have ground the tumbler pin, but you will need to replace the entire lock. This is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. You will need two basic household tools and about five minutes


Apply a heavy coat of lubricant to the drill bit. This is to ensure that the friction that the drill bit will be exposed to won't break it. Apply the spray lubricant to the inside of the lock.


Place the tip of the bit onto the keyhole. Pull the trigger. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant constantly as the drill grinds the lock.


Push and pull the bit in and out of the keyhole until the trunk pops open.


  • close Safety glasses are necessary to protect you eyes while you complete this job.

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