How to Replace an Ignition Tumbler Without a Key

by Matthew Fortuna
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Ignition cylinders are standard on nearly every car around the world, and these features are often not given a second thought by most drivers. In some situations however, your ignition tumbler may need to get replaced if it is stuck or is not working. You can replace your ignition switch in just a few minutes from your driver's seat using a few simple tools.

Step 1

Drill the center of your ignition cylinder until you reach the end of the key insert.

Step 2

Insert a screwdriver into the ignition slot and insert a paper clip or smaller end into the circular slot to the left of the key ignition.

Step 3

Turn the cylinder to the left using the screwdriver, and use the paperclip and the screwdriver to gently pull out the existing cylinder.

Step 4

Push the new cylinder into place and use your ignition key or a screwdriver to turn it into its correct spot.

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