Dresser TD7G Specifications

by Graeme Kay
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The Dresser TD7G crawler dozer was built and sold between 1991 and 1994 by the Dresser Marketing Division, part of Dresser-Rand Co., Houston. Powered by a 70 hp Dresser diesel engine, the TD7G had an operating weight of 14,600 lbs. in its standard configuration, although a low-ground pressure model with wider tracks was also available that weighed 15,500 lbs.

Engine and Drivetrain

The Dresser TD7G crawler dozer was powered by the company's D240N 70 hp diesel engine. Drive to the crawler's steel tracks was via a mechanical powershift transmission with three forward and three reverse gears. The maximum forward speed was 5.7 miles per hour, while the top speed in reverse was slightly faster at 6.6 mph. The crawler carried 15-inch wide tracks in its standard configuration which were fitted to a five-roller track frame.


An example of a smaller crawler dozer, falling into the 60 hp to 74 hp class, the TD7G measured 12 feet 7 inches long. The standard model was 5 feet 7 inches wide, while the low-ground-pressure version -- with its wider tracks -- was 7 feet 1 inch wide. The track gauge of the crawler -- which is measured from the mid-point of one track to the mid-point of the other -- was 52 inches in both cases.

Operating Parameters

Dresser's TD7G crawler dozer was fitted with a blade that allowed the operator to alter both the angle and tilt. Both the standard and low-ground-pressure models could achieve a maximum drawbar pull of 25,500 lbs. from their 70 hp diesel engines. The standard model weighed 14,600 lbs. and exerted a ground pressure of 6.2 pounds per square inch, but the heavier low-ground-pressure machine achieved a figure of just 4.3 psi, despite weighing 15,500 lbs., because of the greater surface area of its tracks.


The Dresser TD7G crawler dozer was preceded by the company's TD7E model and superseded by the TD7H, which was built from 1994 to 2000. This was a period of change for the company, which had merged with Ingersoll-Rand in 1987 to form Dresser-Rand Co. In 1998 Dresser-Rand and its main competitor, Halliburton, merged to form Halliburton Co., although the companies separated again in 2001. Dresser no longer builds crawler dozers, but the company's designs live on in the Polish-built Dressta range, where the current equivalent of the TD7G is the 74 hp TD-7M.

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