How to Drain the Oil From an Izuzu Rodeo

by Jody L. Campbell
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Developed in 1990, the Isuzu Rodeo was also known as the Honda Passport. It featured a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder engine. There were many complaints about engine oil consumption on the vehicle so it was important to keep an eye on the oil level in the engine as well as following a strict maintenance schedule service for oil changes. Isuzu Motors stopped production on the Rodeo in 2004.

Step 1

Run the engine for three minutes to warm up the engine oil if the vehicle is cold.

Step 2

Place the Isuzu Rodeo in park or first gear and then apply the parking brake on a flat paved surface. Release the hood latch before exiting the vehicle.

Step 3

Place a wheel wedge behind one of the rear tires.

Step 4

Open the hood and remove the oil fill cap located on the valve cover of the engine.

Step 5

Lift the front end of the Rodeo with a hydraulic jack. sSpport the vehicle onto jack stands.

Step 6

Put on the safety glasses and crawl under the Rodeo with the remaining supplies.

Step 7

Remove the center skid plate at the bottom of the engine (if equipped) that is covering the oil pan. Use a ratchet and metric socket to remove the skid plate's retaining bolts and then remove the plate.

Step 8

Place a large oil drain catch pan beneath the oil pan.

Step 9

Put on a pair of latex gloves. Used oil is a carcinogen and should not contact your skin.

Step 10

Use a hand wrench to remove the oil pan drain plug from the oil pan. The plug is located on the rear of the oil pan on the Rodeo. Turn the plug counterclockwise until you can unthread it by hand. Be careful to align the oil drain catch pan properly and to be careful not to let oil splash on your face or hands.

Step 11

Allow the oil to drain thoroughly until it slowly drips from the oil pan.

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