How to Remove an Oil Pan From a Dodge Dakota

by Matt Scheer

The Dodge Dakota oil pan collects dirty oil below the truck. For maintenance, drain the oil regularly. Sometimes the truck may hit a rock, a pot hole or another obstacle that damages the oil pan, and the oil pan has to be replaced, especially when it's leaking profusely. Fortunately, removing the oil pan on the Dodge Dakota is straightforward. As long as you can get underneath the Dakota, you'll be able to take the oil pan off.

Step 1

Turn off Dakota and wait twenty minutes for the engine to cool. The oil should be cold to lukewarm when you release it.

Step 2

Lift the truck up using a car jack. Place the car jack behind one of the front wheels and against the metal chassis, not on any plastic or other fragile component.

Step 3

Replace the car jack with a jack stand. Place the jack stand a foot in toward the center of the truck, again at a spot on the chassis. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the truck.

Step 4

Get underneath the truck and locate the oil pan. It looks like a large metal rectangle below the engine. Bring the spare bin near the oil pan plug, preparing to release the oil.

Step 5

Put on the plastic gloves. Drain the oil from the oil pan by pulling out the plug. Let the oil drain completely.

Step 6

Remove the four engine mount bolts from the oil pan using the socket wrench. These are mounted vertically around the perimeter of the oil pan.

Step 7

Pry the oil pan off the engine by sticking a large screwdriver or pry bar into the seam at a 45 degree angle and hitting the end of it with a mallet. This motion will drive the head of the screwdriver or pry bar into the seam, wedging it open. Continue this process around the perimeter of the oil pan until it comes off.

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