My Dodge RAM Truck Won't Go Into Park

by Erick Kristian
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There may be several reasons a RAM truck will not go into Park. Dodge issued a recall notice for the shifting column, which, if it malfunctions, could stop the truck from being put into Park. If this is the issue, the repair will be done for free by Dodge. Other issues could relate to the transmission. If the transmission is damaged, the repair may be too complex to perform at home. The park pin may also be the culprit. The park pin is, quite literally, a small pin that keeps the truck in Park; this part is prone to breakage.

Step 1

Check the neutral safety switch. Try to put the car in Park. Does the gear physically move? If it does but won't go all the way into Park, then the issue may be with the neutral safety switch. Replace the switch in this case.

Step 2

Remove the transmission pan. If it has small bits of metal in it, this is the problem. Depending on the type of metal and where it came from, the issue could be quite serious. Have the truck inspected by a mechanic or transmission expert. If there are no problems with the transmission other than repairing the broken parts (likely a band, in this case,) the repair shouldn't be too expensive. If there are other problems, the transmission may need to be rebuilt --- which is expensive.

Step 3

Check the linkage. It may have bent or slipped off; this can occur when the truck runs over something large. The linkage is located at the transmission. Push the linkage forward. If it moves, then it has slipped off and will need to be adjusted. Examine the links and look for bends. If the linkage is bent, it will need to be replaced or straightened.

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