Dodge Ram Starter Problems

by Andrea Stein

Dodge Rams refer to full-size pickup trucks manufactured by the Chrysler Group, named after the ram hood ornament first seen on Dodge model cars in the 1930s. Dodge Ram trucks can develop starter problems that impair engine function; they can often be resolved with a little detective work.

Bad Relay

The Dodge Ram starter relay, or switch, opens a set of electrical contacts to send an electrical current to the starter motor, setting the vehicle engine in motion. Starter relays, which can burn out due to overcurrent (high levels of electrical current), often lead to starter solenoid failure. Replace the solenoid to correct the problem.

Bad Solenoid

The Dodge Ram starter solenoid refers to a coil of wire that receives current from the vehicle battery and generates an electromagnetic field, which switches on and off based on the starter relay. A defective, corroded, or burned out coil results in reduced or, more often, lack of starter function. Replacing the starter typically restores proper engine function.

Bad Fusible Link

Dodge Ram trucks rely on a fusible link, an electric fuse in the starter terminal consisting of a pair of metal strips fused together that melt and separate at a specific temperature to trigger the starter solenoid. The driver should cut out the fusible link and solder in a new one.

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