Dodge Ram 3500 Auto Transmission Problems

by Horacio Garcia
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The 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 has had six recalls, but none that deal with the transmission problems owners have had with this heavy-duty truck. The 2006 Ram 3500 has been plagued with the most transmission complaints and problems. Everything from complete transmission failure to leaking seals have plagued the Ram.

Pressure Solenoid Failure

The Dodge Ram 3500 owners have complained of the truck bucking or jerking during the shifting of gears in the transmission. This transmission problem has been attributed to the failure of the pressure solenoid. The pressure solenoid controls and modifies the pressure placed across the transmission when gears are being shifted. A pressure solenoid ramps on and off during shifting. If the pressure is too high it causes the 3500 to buck and jerk. The clutch can overheat and fail due to this pressure solenoid failure. The transmission solenoid needs to be replaced before it completely destroys the transmission.

Transmission Filter Problems

A Dodge Ram 3500 begins to delay shifting when there is a problem with the transmission filter. Sometimes referred to as a transmission cooler return filter, this transmission component cleans the transmission fluid. A sign that the filter is going bad is when the Dodge Ram takes a long time to engage into gear after the truck has sat for a long time or overnight. The filter easily can be replaced by draining the fluid and removing the transmission pan. If the filter is not replaced or becomes clogged, the Dodge Ram will not move at all.

Transmission Seals Leaking

The Dodge Ram 3500 has seals that go around the driveshaft extending from the transmission. The seals have been prematurely deteriorating and causing the transmission fluid to leak out of the Ram 3500. When the transmission fluid leaks out and the Dodge is driven with little transmission fluid, it causes the transmission to overheat and finally fail or burn up. Cold weather environments cause these transmission seals to deteriorate faster because of the chemicals used on the roads during the winter months. The Ram 3500 owner needs to continually check the transmission fluid level and look for signs of transmission fluid leaking onto the pavement. When these seals begin to leak, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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