My GMC Yukon Won't Go Into Gear

by Patrick Nelson

The GMC Yukon is fitted with an automatic transmission and includes a shift position indicator in the instrument cluster. Various safety features and shifting issues can be encountered with the GMC Yukon's automatic gearbox that can cause the Yukon not to go into gear. These issues can be identified and rectified by following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Set the parking brake and then shift into "Park" if the Yukon hasn't been going into a gear when shifting out of "Park" on a hill. The Yukon's weight puts too much force on the "Park" gear in the transmission on a hill. This is known as "torque lock." Torque lock makes it hard to get out of "Park" and into a gear. Allowing the parking brake to handle some of the load will alleviate this. Shift out of "Park" and then release the parking brake when you're ready to go into gear.

Step 2

Fully apply the foot brake to shift out of "Park" and into a gear if the Yukon won't go into gear with the engine running.

Step 3

Allow the engine to warm up on cold days if the Yukon won't go into gear, or is slow to go into gear. Temperatures below freezing (32 degrees F) can be problematic but is normal.

Step 4

Let the vehicle slow down if you're trying to move into first gear and the Yukon won't. The transmission won't shift into first gear unless the Yukon is moving slowly enough.

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