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How to Do a Wheelie in a Car

by Contributor

Watching a muscle car generate enough torque to lift its front wheels off the ground can be exhilarating. With a little ingenuity and some modifications, you can learn to do a wheelie in your own car.

Step 1

Install training wheels on the back of your car. These keep you from tipping over, and let you ride the wheelie for a while.

Step 2

Differentiate the car's weight toward the rear by adding large tires to the back wheels, and small tires to the front ones. This gives the car a slight rake, which helps generate torque.

Step 3

Lift your rear suspension slightly. As much as you need muscle under the hood, you need to convert that power to torque.

Step 4

Warm up your tires with a few burn-outs to make them grip the road better.

Step 5

Find a long, straight road with no traffic and line your car up. Give yourself room on both sides.

Step 6

Put the car in first gear, and rev the engine to within 1,000 RPMs of red lining. This is where the muscle car sets itself apart from stock cars.

Release the clutch as quickly as possible without stalling. Keep the gas pedal jammed to the floor and ride the wheelie out.


  • Never attempt a wheelie on a public road. At the very least you could get a ticket, but even worse you could hurt someone.
  • Never attempt a wheelie alone. Make sure someone is outside of the car to call for help if anything should go wrong.

Items you will need

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 400 horsepower engine
  • Manual transmission

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