How to Charge a Hybrid Car's Batteries

by Editorial Team

Hybrid vehicles are energy friendly cars that typically rely on a mixture of gas and electric energy to run. The reusable energy source saves you money on gas since it doesn't rely solely on fossil fuels to operate. For the hybrid vehicle to keep running on electric, the batteries need to recharge periodically.

Step 1

Let the hybrid battery recharge on its own accord. Most hybrid cars do not require that you manually charge the battery. Instead, the battery is charged through a process called regenerative braking during normal driving.

Step 2

Find out if your vehicle is a plug-in hybrid. This type of hybrid can be plugged in as a way to manually charge its batteries.

Step 3

Plan to plug in the hybrid at night. The best time to plug in the hybrid is before you go to bed in the evening. It can then be charged overnight.

Step 4

Use a regular household plug to recharge the hybrid's batteries. You may wish to have the outlet open near the garage. The outlet should be at least a 110-outlet for recharging.

Step 5

Take the plug that has been supplied with your hybrid vehicle. Connect the plug into the battery of the car. Take the other end and place it into the outlet. Your hybrid battery will start charging up.

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