The Location of the Block Heater Plug on a Chevy 2500HD

by Mark Robinson
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Diesel engines such as the Duramax that comes in the Chevy 2500HD may have a hard time starting in extremely cold temperatures. This is where the optional block heater comes in. When plugged in, the block heater helps warm the Duramax engine to provide easier starting and better fuel economy in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The block heater should be left plugged in for at least four hours before starting the Chevy 2500HD in cold weather.

Step 1

Pull the hood release lever on the left side of the driver's foot well. Go to the front of the Chevy 2500HD and open the hood by lifting the latch near the center of the hood.

Step 2

Look inside the engine compartment. The block heater plug will be on the passenger's side of the engine, near the auxiliary battery.

Step 3

Activate the block heater by unwrapping the plug and connecting it to a 110-volt AC wall outlet. Remember to unplug the block heater before starting the vehicle.

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