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How Do You Upgrade a Toyota GPS?

by Aaron Zvi

Many new Toyota vehicles now include built-in GPS navigation systems, either standard or as optional features. While the maps are generally up-to-date to the year of the vehicle model, they can become incomplete over time as roads and points of interest are built, closed or changed. Updating the map database for your built-in Toyota navigation system will require either a self-install DVD or a visit to your dealer, depending on your model.

Updating your Toyota GPS

Step 1

Confirm the model, year and options package of your Toyota vehicle.

Step 2

Confirm the model and version numbers of your GPS navigation system and installed map. Your owner's manual may contain this information. On many Toyota GPS map systems this information can also be found by pressing "Menu" and then the "DVD" button on the touchscreen. Other Toyota GPS systems display this information when you press the "NAVI" button followed by "Map Data" on the touchscreen.

Contact a Toyota dealer for details and pricing for navigation map updates. Updates for Toyota built-in navigation systems in the U.S. are only available from dealers or Toyota. However, updated map DVDs can often be mailed to owners for self-installation.

Installing Updates

Step 1

Most built-in Toyota navigation systems are based on a map DVD that is installed in a dedicated player/reader in the vehicle. This player/reader may be installed under a seat, behind the radio or in the trunk, depending on your vehicle model. Accessing the player for self-installation may require some light disassembly work. Follow the instructions for your model.

Step 2

After installing the new DVD, retain the old DVD in case the new disc has a problem.

Take your vehicle to the dealer if your Toyota built-in GPS system uses a hard drive. These systems can only be updated at the dealer.


  • You may need to disconnect the battery before attempting to access the navigation DVD system. Check the instructions for your specific model.

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