How Do I Replace a Forenza Headlight?

by Christian Killian

The headlights in the Suzuki Forenza use halogen bulbs that mount in a plastic headlight assembly. Replacing the bulbs requires you to remove the assembly from the front of the car. You cannot access the bulb from inside the engine compartment as they are blocked by the radiator support. The headlight bulbs, an H1 high beam and an H7 low beam, are available at any auto parts retailer or through the Suzuki dealer, and should be replaced in pairs.

Open the hood of your Forenza and locate the negative battery cable on the battery. Remove the retaining bolt from the cable end with a wrench, then remove the cable from the battery. Isolate the cable from the battery while you are working.

Locate the two mounting bolts on the top of the headlight assembly. Remove them with a socket and ratchet, then locate the retaining nut on the inboard edge of the assembly directly behind the marker light inside the engine compartment. Remove it with a socket and ratchet.

Pull the headlight assembly straight out of the car until you can access the back of the assembly where the bulbs are installed. Remove the cap over the bulb on the back of the assembly by turning it counterclockwise, then set it aside.

Pull the electrical connector off the rear of the bulb, then remove the bulb from the rear of the headlight assembly. Discard the old bulb and replace it with a new bulb. The low beam is a halogen H7 bulb, while the high beam uses an H1 bulb.

Connect the electrical connector to the new bulb, being careful not to bend the connector on the bulb. Then, install the bulb cap on the back of the headlight assembly and turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

Slide the headlight assembly into the front of the car and install the two mounting bolts on top of the radiator support and the retaining nut on the rear of the assembly.

Tighten the mounting hardware with a socket and ratchet, being careful not to over-tighten it or the plastic housing will crack. Install the negative battery cable on the negative terminal of the battery, then install the retaining bolt, tightening it with a wrench.


  • close As with a halogen bulb, be very careful to not handle the glass portion of the H1 and H7 bulbs that are used in your Forenza. The oils from your hands cause the bulb to overheat and the glass to fail.

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