How Do I Remove the Wiper Arms From a Cavalier?

by Kenny Soward

You need working wiper arms on your Cavalier to avoid having an accident in poor driving conditions. Wiper arms apply pressure to the wiper blades, which helps to keep your window clear of rain and ice so that you can see the road properly. If you have new wiper blades but still do not have maximum clearing efficiency (streaks still remain), then it is time to replace the wiper arms. Save some time and money by removing your Cavalier's wiper arms on your own.

Note the position the wiper in which the wiper is resting on the window, then pull the wiper blade away from the glass. The arm and blade should stick out at about a 90-degree angle.

Spray the arm with lubricant if it is held on by a bolt. This may help in removing the bolt if it has gathered rust or was over-tightened.

Remove the wiper arm bolt with a socket wrench and pull the arm clear of the socket.

Use the end of the flat-head screwdriver, if your Cavalier's wiper arm has a release lever, to push the lever (located on the side of the arm near the socket) outwards and then pull the arm clear of the socket.


  • check In some cases, the Cavalier's wiper arm must be replaced with the arm in the exact same position it was in when removed. Make sure to note this position when you first remove the wiper arm.

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