How Do I Remove the Headlight Housing for a 99 Chevy Lumina?

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

It's not necessary to remove the Lumina's headlight housing to replace the headlight bulbs. You may, however, need to remove the headlight housing to access the turn-signal bulbs, which are housed in a separate case on the outside of the headlight housing. You might also need to remove it to replace it with a new one if it's cracked or damaged. Removing the 1999 Lumina's headlight housing takes about 10 minutes.

Turn your engine off. Open the Lumina's hood and look directly above the radiator in the center of the grille. You'll see a plastic cover with one large tab on each side.

Lift each tab upward and then lift the entire cover to remove it. It's attached by a small plastic-snap screw. Pull straight up with a bit of force to pop it out. Set the cover to the side.

Grasp the headlight housing that you want to remove. Push it firmly toward the center of the grille. This unlocks the sliding tabs on the back. Pull the inboard edge of the headlight housing outward and then pull the entire unit out. View the back.

Grasp the electrical connector on the back of the headlight housing. Pull it out to remove it from the housing and then grasp the bulb socket. Turn it clockwise to release it. This separates the headlight housing from the Lumina.

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