How Do I Fix Death Shake on a Ford Truck?

by Allen Moore
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Many Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550s built between the 1987 and 2004 model years can experience a harmonic vibration in the front suspension when hitting large bumps at higher speeds. The vibration, commonly called the “death shake” or “death wobble,” creates an unnerving experience for the driver and only fades away if you stop the truck. Thankfully, Ford Motor Company found a solution to this problem during the 1990s, but it requires diligence on the owner’s part to hold death at bay.

Step 1

Sit down in front of the truck with your socket set and unbolt the old stabilizer shock from its left and right mounts using your socket set.

Step 2

Remove the old shock by hand and discard it.

Step 3

Set the new shock in position and bolt it in place with your socket set.

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