How Do I Remove a License Plate Lamp Cover on a Lincoln Town Car?

by Christian Killian

Replacing the license plate light on the rear of your Lincoln Town Car is important. It is the only bulb on the car that illuminates the license plate. In most states, a burned-out license plate light could provide you a chance to stop on the side of the road and meet the friendly officer from your local police department and maybe even earn a fine. Before you can change the bulbs in the plate light, though, you will need to remove the lens covering them.

Position yourself at the rear of your car and sit on the ground facing the license plate. If the rear of the car is really low, you may need to lay on the ground to see the plate light assembly mounted in the bumper above the plate.

Locate the three mounting screws in the face of the trim plate on the lens on the bottom of the plate light assembly. They are Phillips screws and there is one in the center and one on each end of the assembly.

Remove the three screws from the plate light assembly using a Phillips screwdriver, turning them counterclockwise. Set them aside so you can reuse them during installation. Carefully pry the lens loose from the plate light assembly with a small, flat screwdriver.

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