How do I Replace Chevrolet Cobalt Door Locks?

by Daniel Valladares

The Chevrolet Cobalt's locking mechanisms are a part of the door itself. In order to access and replace a broken or faulty lock, you will need to remove the inner door trim panel from the door. Once the panel is removed, you can easily unbolt the mechanism and install a new one. It is important that you disconnect the battery beforehand in order to prevent any accidental shocks.

Park the Cobalt and turn off the engine. Open the door.

Remove the six bolts along the edge of the inboard side of the door. Raise the window as far as it will go.

Pull the inner door trim panel off of the door.

Slide the lock cylinder retaining clip off of the lock assembly. Remove the three securing bolts from the mechanism and pry the lock assembly off of the door with a slotted screwdriver.

Install a replacement lock assembly and reinstall the three bolts. Reattach the retaining clip. Reattach the inner door trim panel and reinstall the six bolts.

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