DIY Rustproofing

by Jerry Garner

Rustproofing is a simple process. Instead of going to a shop that specializes on rustproofing, you can do it yourself. You will be spending less and you can be sure that the work is top-notch. Some shops just do a haphazard job at rustproofing your car. They do not get into the nooks and crannies that also need to be rustproofed. The materials needed for rustproofing are easy to find at regular hardware stores or car supply shops. There also are kits available; everything you need for rustproofing is inside.


Do-it-yourself rust proofing products range from easy-to-use aerosol products to thick liquids that need high pressure air guns for application. These rustproofing products are categorized into two categories: undercoating and rust converters. Undercoating is a thick fluid that creates a gummy coating when sprayed on. The end result is not really pretty to look at but it effectively keeps rust away. It usually has a dull black color and it produces a bumpy, deep layer. The thick coating created by the application of undercoating also helps to absorb sound. Another advantage of applying undercoating to your car is that it lessens road and tire noise. You will hear less of the outside noise when driving your car. An undercoating also protects the inner fenders from getting dirty. In choosing the right undercoating to use, always choose ones that stay soft and flexible. If it gets too brittle it will fall off the body, leaving it exposed to water. This will actually increase the rate of rusting. One important thing to remember is that the wrong undercoat can make rust grow faster, so choose wisely.


For areas that do not need undercoating like the interior of a car, it is best to use oil to protect it from rust. It has been proven that oil effectively keeps rust away. Areas with a thin layer of oil do not rust. Oil is also easy to apply and can seep into any surface or overlapping pieces of metal. Some oils come in spray cans that have a nozzle for easy application. It is best used for hard-to-reach areas. Apply the oil liberally onto the parts that you want to rustproof. Oil is cheaper than any other rustproofing product in the market.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance also is needed to keep your car free from rust for a long time. Always check for spots that accumulate water and check for bolts or screws that need to be rustproofed. It also is wise to give the car a thorough cleaning after it is exposed to salty air. Rustproofing is useless if it is not reinforced with proper maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep the rust away for a long time.

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