How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

by Si Kingston

Onstar comes pre-installed in many newer GM vehicles. With Onstar, customers can get turn-by-turn directions to their destination, make hands-free phone calls and have access to emergency crash response and stolen vehicle assistance. These services come at a monthly fee. You can discontinue the service at any time, but even after the service is cancelled, the Onstar GPS still continues to track your current location. To maintain your privacy, you must disable the device.

Step 1

Turn off the vehicle and open the trunk.

Step 2

Lift up the trunk liner. This liner covers the spare tire. Set the liner to the side.

Step 3

Remove the spare tire. There may be a wingnut holding the spare tire in place. If so, turn the wingnut counter-clockwise to unscrew it and loosen the tire.

Step 4

Remove the cargo net, if you have one. Unscrew the net. If this net exist, these are the only screws you will have to remove to unscrew the tire plate. If you don't have a cargo net, see step 5.

Step 5

Remove the trunk still plate. The still plate is at the bottom of the bay where the tire was sitting. There are four screws in each corner of the trunk that are holding the plate in place. Unscrew them and set the plate aside.

Step 6

Pull the top right of the trunk shell back to reveal the Onstar device. The device is a metal box with the Onstar logo.

Step 7

Pull out the three wires connected to the Onstar device. Unplugging the device will disconnect it from the power and communication sources. The Onstar is now disabled.

Step 8

Lay the trunk shell back down over the Onstar. Place the still plate and cargo net back in place and re-insert the four screws. Place the tire back in its bay, and tighten the wingnut, if applicable. Replace the trunk liner.

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