How to Disable the Air Ride On a Cadillac

by Allen Moore

The air ride system on a Cadillac is a supplementary suspension system that provides the car with a smoother ride than standard hydraulic shocks and mechanical springs. At the heart of the air ride system is a compressor that fills the air shocks, located at each wheel, with the proper amount of air to keep the system stable. If the system springs a leak, the air compressor will run continuously until it finally burns itself out. If you notice this occurring, it's a good idea to disable the system to prevent damage to the compressor.

Step 1

Drive the front wheels of your Cadillac onto the car ramps. Shift the Cadillac into park and apply the emergency brake.

Step 2

Climb under the Cadillac, just below the driver's door. Look up on the left frame rail, adjacent to the fuel filter to locate the air ride compressor.

Step 3

Disconnect the air ride compressor wiring harness from the compressor by hand. Tie wrap the wiring harness to the compressor so it doesn't dangle and incur damage while driving.

Climb out from under the Cadillac and safely drive it off the car ramps.

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