Differences Between the Honda LX & EX CR-V

by Judy Wilson
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The Honda CR-V, a smaller SUV designed to handle somewhat like a sedan, was introduced in the late 1990s. It is available in LX and EX trim levels, with the EX model offering upgraded features. The LX and EX specifications have changed over the years since the CR-V's introduction. The high-end EX-L became available in later model years, and it provides even more features than the EX.

Third Generation

The third generation for the Honda CR-V began in 2007 and includes the 2011 model year. The LX has air conditioning, cruise control, a CD player and many power accessories. In addition to these features, the EX has a security system with remote entry, alloy wheels and rear privacy glass. It features a tilting power moonroof, cargo shelf, compass, exterior temperature indicator and an upgraded stereo. The EX has about 2 inches less headroom in the front seat than the LX in the 2011 model. Also in the 2011 model, the LX features two-speed intermittent windshield wipers, while the EX has variable intermittent windshield wipers. The EX also has steering wheel-mounted cruise control and audio controls, and the LX has steering wheel-mounted cruise control only.

Second Generation

The CR-V second-generation series hit the road from 2002 to 2006. In those years, the LX included air conditioning, a CD player, power accessories and a driver's seat that had adjustable height. The EX included, in addition to the LX features, side airbags, which became standard on the LX in 2005. Also in the second-generation years, the EX included rear ventilation ducts, a sunroof, in-dash CD changer and alloy wheels.


Starting In 2005, the LX included anti-lock brakes, while the EX included anti-lock brakes all along. Front-wheel drive was standard in the LX trim in the second-generation, and all-wheel drive was optional. By contrast, all-wheel drive was standard in the EX until 2006, when front-wheel drive became available as an option. Although a five-speed manual transmission was standard for the LX and EX before 2005, starting in that year manual transmission was only available in the EX.

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