Differences Between a Miller Bobcat and a Trailblazer

by Kent TukeliUpdated September 26, 2017
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Miller Electric was established in 1929 and has become an international manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment. The Miller Bobcat and Miller Trailblazer welders feature different physical, operational and performance specifications.


Miller Bobcat and Trailblazer line of welders have different displays that provide operators with data. The Bobcat 250 has an engine display that shows fuel level, oil change and engine hours information. Diesel models also have low oil pressure and coolant temperature data. Trailblazer welders feature a self-calibrating digital meter with a display for meter maintenance. This provides engine rpm, oil change, hour meter and fuel data as well as weld amperage and voltage information. The diesel version includes high coolant, low fuel and low oil pressure information.


Both lines of Miller welders have a choke and a starter control with three settings that allow for idling before starting, helping to reduce engine wear and tear. Miller Bobcats have coarse range and fine control knobs that enable the operator to determine voltage and amps. The Trailblazer welders do not have these controls, instead offering a 14-pin receptacle with Auto Remote Sense functionality, automatically connecting wire feeders and remote controls. Both the Bobcat and Trailblazer have welding process selector controls.

Physical Properties

The Miller Bobcat and Trailblazer welders have nearly identical physical properties. For gas or liquid propane welders, the machines are 20 inches wide, 45.5 inches in depth and 33 inches tall to the top of the exhaust. Bobcat and Trailblazer welders that run on diesel are 20 inches wide, 52 inches deep with a height of 34.25 inches to the tip of the exhaust. Bobcat diesel welders weigh 700 lbs. while the Trailblazer diesel is 720 lbs. Other Bobcats weigh between 520 and 556 lbs. while other Trailblazers weigh 568 lbs.


The Miller Bobcat has similar performance specifications when compared to Miller Trailblazers. Both models have a welding speed of 3,600 rpm and an idle speed from 2,300 to 2,450 rpm. The power generator produces up to 10,500 watts continuously with a peak of 12,000 watts. For Miller Bobcat welders, the amp range is between 40 and 250 and the volt range is between 17 and 28. Miller Trailblazers have an amp range from 10 to 300 while the volt range is between 13 and 35. Miller Bobcats have a maximum welding output of 275 amps while the Miller Trailblazer has a maximum welding output of 300 amps.

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