Differences Between the Mercedes Benz Classic & Elegance Models

by Michael E Carpenter
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Mercedes Benz is a well-known brand of luxury vehicles that are sold throughout the world. Different Mercedes models may be sold with the terms Classic, Elegance and Avantegard. These designations refer to the trim and styling packages sold with the vehicles. The Classic and Elegance models are the lower two trim and style packages sold by Mercedes, with Classic being the most basic option package.

Classic Line Interior

The interior of the Mercedes Benz Classic line is the most basic package offered by Mercedes. The Classic offers cloth seats, and plastic steering wheel, gear shifts and handbrake levers. Other options for the Classic include power windows with one-touch operation of the driver's side window. The Classic line is made for people who want to drive a Mercedes Benz without spending too much.

Elegance Interior

The Elegance line is the mid-level offered by Mercedes. The interior of an Elegance vehicle will be a significant upgrade over the Classic trim. Seats are leather instead of cloth. The steering wheel, gear shirt, and handbrake lever have leather coverings in place of plastic. The power windows offer one touch operation on both the front and back windows in the vehicle. The most obvious upgrade, however, is the use of wood trim within the vehicle. For instance, a C Class from the Elegance line offers eucalyptus or burr walnut wood accents, which add to the luxurious feel of the vehicle.

Classic Exterior

The Classic line vehicle will have standard wheels. The door handles on a Classic line vehicle will match the color of the car with no additional accents. The tail pipes on Classic will be circular in shape. The grille on the vehicle will be the most basic option, with a small Mercedes Benz symbol on the grille of the vehicle.

Elegance Exterior

The Elegance line offers aluminum alloy wheels. The door handles typically have chrome accents to make the car gleam. The Elegance lines typically have more chrome covering the exterior of the car. This may be extra chrome on the grille area, fog lamps and on the bumpers of the vehicle. The tailpipe shape is oval, giving the vehicle a more sporty appearance.


The Avantgarde line from Mercedes takes everything from the Elegance line and improves upon it. Interior trim may be upgraded to even better materials, including different wood interior options. On other options such as sunroofs, the Avantgarde will over a tinted sunroof while the Elegance may just be clear glass. The Avantgarde line also features the oversized Mercedes Benz symbol on the grille of the car.

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