How to Eliminate Car Odor with a Dryer Sheet

by Editorial Team

Face it: your car may not smell as nice as you think. Cars are kept outside and even though the inside of your car is not exposed directly to the elements, it is subjected to heat and humidity. There is no need to purchase expensive car deodorizers to eliminate odors in your car. Common fabric softening sheets are a cost-effective way to keep your car smelling fresh.

Step 1

Purchase dryer sheets with a pleasant scent. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you will need 2 to 10 sheets.

Step 2

Remove any obvious source of odor from the vehicle, including food wrappers, clothing, cups or trash.

Step 3

Gently rub the dryer sheet on all the fabric or fiber surfaces of your car including the seats, ceiling and carpeting. This will eliminate odors already in your car. As the sheets become soiled or tattered, you may need to use additional dryer sheets to cover the entire vehicle.

Step 4

Place a dryer sheet under each seat in the vehicle. These sheets will continue to emit fragrance for 1 to 3 months, varying by climate.

Step 5

Replace the dryer sheets under seats as needed.

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