How to Determine the Year of a Honda XR 75 Dirt Bike

by Chris Gilliland

Introduced in 1973, the XR 75 represented Honda's first venture into the four-stroke off-road motorcycle category. Powered by an efficient, smokeless 72cc single cylinder motor, the XR 75 introduced a generation of young riders to the sport of motocross. Today, the XR 75 has become a collector's item, with many new owners looking to restore faded examples to their former glory. Identifying the year an XR 75 was produced is critical to restoring an XR 75 using original parts.

Step 1

Locate the motorcycle's serial number, which will be imprinted on both the frame's steering neck or on the side of the motor.

Step 2

Write the serial number down once you have located it. The serial number should appear as a string of digits separated by a dash. For example: XR75E-1500001.

Step 3

Determine the year of your XR 75 through the seventh digit. A 1973 XR 75, the first model year produced, would have a "0" as the seventh digit; a 1974 model would have a "1." The final production year of the XR 75 was in 1979, placing a "6" in the seventh digit's place. For example: an XR 75 with a serial number of XR75E-1530222 would indicate that it was produced in 1978.

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